Your Perfect Mattress Collection The Perfect Bed needs the Perfect Mattress


This mattress is a premium quality mattress made with a combination of Latex and spring. Latex is a rubbery material which is naturally elastic and allows the mattress to spring back to shape as you move in bed and find your most restful sleeping position.

Cloud Nine

This is an exceptionally comfortable mattress made with a unique support layer comprising gel foam that provides a softer yet durable feel.

Posture Comfort

5 zone mattress - This is a five-zone mattress that is aligned to the main zones along your back to provide comfort and relief when sleeping. If you want to ensure your posture is sound when sleeping then this is the mattress to get.

Ortho comfort

3 zone mattress This is a three-zone mattress that is aligned to three main zones along your back to provide comfort and relief when sleeping.

Orthopaedic firm

This is one of our fastest moving products and comes with an affordable price tag. As its names suggest, this mattress is ideal for those wanting to upgrade to a good mattress to combat disorders of spine and joints.


This mattress is a perfect for an entry level spring mattress buyer who is upgrading from foam to a spring mattress. Try this today to experience the technology of spring mattress and hopefully we will have convinced you never to go back to a foam mattress. It is extremely pocket friendly.

Hotel Quality

When was the last time you went on holiday and had a good mattress to sleep on? Our hotel quality spring mattresses are mainly offered to hotels and lodges across the country so that their guests can get the rest they deserve.